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  • Jan 11 Do you experience TMJ pain?

    If you experience chronic headaches and migraines, you might be suffering from TMJ disorder The Migraine Center of New Jersey in Paramus, NJ can determine if you do indeed have TMJ disorder, and will develop a personalized program for your individual case Using specialized, proven techniques, Dr Milestone at the Migraine Center of NJ will provide you with genuine TMJ pain relief What is TMJ TMJ is a disorder of the temporo-mandibular joint...  Read More

  • Jan 03 Do You Want True, Drug-Free Headache Relief?

    Headache Relief near Passaic, NJ Suffering from headaches or other head pain Tired of living on pain medications Frustrated by missing workdays and important family events Ready for a real, long-lasting headache relief solution If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you can turn to the Migraine Center of New Jersey near Passaic, NJ for genuine, long-lasting headache relief What’s different about our system The biggest...  Read More

  • Dec 28 Migraine Treatment in West Orange

    The Migraine Center of New Jersey in West Orange approaches migraine treatment from many different angles to find the one that works for you We understand that migraine pain can wreck your daily life and poorly affect your concentration Therefore we know how to effectively treat migraines to restore your quality of life Our migraine treatment options revolve around the TruDenta system TruDenta is a drug-free, needle-free, pain-free system to...  Read More

  • Dec 21 Headache Relief near West Orange, NJ

    Tired of relying on pain meds for headache relief Using the TruDenta Headache Relief technology, Dr Milestone and the team at The Migraine Center of New Jersey near West Orange, NJ treats the cause of many headaches and headache-pain symptoms, and provides long-lasting, needle-free, and drug-free pain relief Do you experience one or more of the following One or more chronic headaches a week Two or more missed days of work a month due...  Read More

  • Dec 14 TMJ Treatment in Bergen County, NJ

    Need a drug-free, needle-free TMJ treatment The Migraine Center of New Jersey can help TMJ occurs when a patient’s jaw and bite alignment malfunctions, causing the patient to suffer from dental disorders The malfunction is usually caused by the lower jaw The lower jaw is ideally designed to endure a range of motion when chewing, speaking and other day to day activities However, when the patient suffers from TMJ Pain, the day to day activities...  Read More

  • Dec 08 Is No Migraine Treatment Working?

    Migraine Treatment for the Bergen County Area If you are tired of getting relentless migraines that aren’t helped by over-counter-medication Your migraines might have something to do with the alignment of your jaw At the Migraine Center of New Jersey in Bergen County, there is new migraine treatment available for you We approach migraines from various angles until we figure out what is exactly causing your migraines, and fix it  We know...  Read More

  • Nov 23 Long-Lasting, Drug-Free Headache Relief

    Headache Relief near Passaic, NJ Tired of searching for long-lasting, drug-free headache relief to no avail The Migraine Center of New Jersey near Passaic, NJ offers exactly that We have a new kind of technology that helps us develop a personalized treatment plan for your individual case that will leave you headache free  Research has shown that tension headaches and chronic migraines can often be as a result of mouth, jaw, and bite alignment...  Read More

  • Nov 16 The Right Kind of TMJ Treatment

    TMJ Treatment in Paramus, NJ TMJ disorder can show itself in many different forms, and only professionals like Dr Milestone at the Migraine Center of New Jersey in Paramus, NJ have the training and technology to pinpoint exactly which kinds of TMJ treatment you need  The temporomandibular joint of the jaw has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, putting it great risk for irritation from trauma, stress, and hormonal changes...  Read More

  • Nov 09 Understanding Your TMJ

    TMJ in Paramus, NJ One of the biggest issues with TMJ treatment is that many people don’t truly understand how TMJ works and what symptoms can result from it At the Migraine Center of New Jersey in Paramus, NJ, we not only can successfully treat TMJ and all its subsequent symptoms, but we will help you understand what your body is experiencing and the steps we need to take to heal it  The temporomandibular joint, the body part in question,...  Read More

  • Nov 02 No-Pills, No-Needles Migraine Relief Treatment 

    Migraine Relief Treatment near Ridgewood, NJ Are you in need of migraine relief treatment but don’t want to deal with needles or pills There are new and better treatments available for you at the Migraine Center of New Jersey near Ridgewood, NJ With today’s understanding of the role of the mouth, jaw, and bite alignment in migraines, Dr Milestone and the team at the Migraine Center of NJ can help guide your health back to a time without...  Read More