TMJ Treatment in Paramus, NJ

TMJ disorder can show itself in many different forms, and only professionals like Dr. Milestone at the Migraine Center of New Jersey in Paramus, NJ have the training and technology to pinpoint exactly which kinds of TMJ treatment you need. 

The temporomandibular joint of the jaw has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, putting it great risk for irritation from trauma, stress, and hormonal changes. These issues with TMJ can result in any of, but not exclusively, the following symptoms:

  • A crackling or grinding sound during jaw movement
  • Earaches
  • Facial pain and tenderness
  • Joint stiffness, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  • Severe headaches

Often times, TMJ headaches can be treated at home. Ice packs, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and massaging or stretching the neck and jaw are all proven methods to reduce the pain from headaches. However, Dr. Milestone suggests that if your condition does not improve with these techniques, then you may need to seek medical treatment.

There is a new TMJ treatment for these kinds of headaches at the Migraine Center of NJ: the TruDenta system. TruDenta is a non-invasive, no injection, and no medication headache treatment that creates a lasting resolution of TMJ symptoms. TruDenta uses Bite Force and Range of Motion Analyses, along with state of the art ultrasound, cold laser, microcurrent, and trigger point manipulation techniques that are proven to cure headaches and TMJD, all of which are facilitated in house by Dr. Milestone.

So if you are ready to properly heal your frustrating TMJ symptoms with a no-pills, no-needles TMJ treatment therapy personalized for your individual case, the Migraine Center of NJ in Paramus, NJ is here for you. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at: 201.845.8411