The Migraine Center of New Jersey in West Orange approaches migraine treatment from many different angles to find the one that works for you. We understand that migraine pain can wreck your daily life and poorly affect your concentration. Therefore we know how to effectively treat migraines to restore your quality of life.

Our migraine treatment options revolve around the TruDenta system. TruDenta is a drug-free, needle-free, pain-free system to provide long-lasting migraine pain relief. This therapeutic treatment has been effective in thousands of patients suffering from the painful symptoms of chronic headaches, migraines and other painful conditions.

Our in-office treatment involves a personalized program of gentle light therapy, electrical stimulation, muscle manipulation and ultrasound therapy.

So if you are interested in restoring your daily life and ending those crippling migraines, schedule an appointment with the Migraine Center of New Jersey in West Orange. To find out about our migraine treatment options, give us a call at: 201-845-8411