Do you experience TMJ pain? Paramus, NJ

If you experience chronic headaches and migraines, you might be suffering from TMJ disorder. The Migraine Center of New Jersey in Paramus, NJ can determine if you do indeed have TMJ disorder, and will develop a personalized program for your individual case. Using specialized, proven techniques, Dr. Milestone at the Migraine Center of NJ will provide you with genuine TMJ pain relief.

What is TMJ?

TMJ is a disorder of the temporo-mandibular joint (in your lower jaw) that can result in sever headaches and migraines. The joint is designed to provide a wide range of motion for eating and speaking, but if you clench your jaw, grind your teeth, or have overall weakening of the joint, it is likely your pains being cause by TMJ. But not to worry—we at the Migraine Center of NJ guarantee drug-free TMJ pain relief.

Relief is available.

If you are ready to leave your chronic headaches and migraines behind, Dr. Milestone and the team here at the Migraine Center of NJ know how to help. After a brief examination in our Paramus, NJ location, we can determine if our treatment is appropriate for your case. If you are eligible, we will jump right into developing a 12-week program crafted for your schedule and individual needs.

If you want genuine, drug-free TMJ pain relief, Dr. Milestone and the team at the Migraine Center for New Jersey in Paramus, NJ is here to help. Give us a call at: 201.845.8411