Migraine Relief Treatment near Ridgewood, NJ

Are you in need of migraine relief treatment but don’t want to deal with needles or pills? There are new and better treatments available for you at the Migraine Center of New Jersey near Ridgewood, NJ. With today’s understanding of the role of the mouth, jaw, and bite alignment in migraines, Dr. Milestone and the team at the Migraine Center of NJ can help guide your health back to a time without migraines.

Migraines can be debilitating, causing intense throbbing, as well as nausea and hyper-sensitivity to light and sound. These can last hours or even days, and sometimes are accompanied with sensory warning systems like tingling pains in your limbs or seeing light spots. After a thorough examination of your symptoms at the Migraine Center of NJ, we develop a full treatment plan designed especially for your individual case.

Ongoing and chronic migraines, tension-type headaches, and face, jaw, and neck area pain are likely interconnected. By using the Migraine Relief technologies of TruDenta, our proprietary, cutting-edge system, to analyze the head and neck for bite issues and other problems, we are able to gauge many different neuromuscular forces and isolate the Migraine Pain problem. Our FDA-approved system gives us the ability to evaluate the head, neck, ears and jaw to find the direct cause of your pain and the resulting complications. This is why an examination at the Migraine Center of NJ consists of:

  • A computerized measurement of the force balance in your mouth on a tooth-by-tooth basis
  • A computerized measurement of the disability of your muscle movements
  • Mouth movement measurements

With these easy and painless tests, we can see what’s causing your migraine symptoms. Dr. Milestone will develop a Migraine Relief Therapy treatment based on your individual needs, all without dreaded pills and needles. If that’s the kind of migraine relief you are looking for, look no further than the Migraine Center of New Jersey near Ridgewood, NJ. To schedule an appointment visit our website or give us a call at: 201.845.8411