Headache Relief near Passaic, NJ

Tired of searching for long-lasting, drug-free headache relief to no avail? The Migraine Center of New Jersey near Passaic, NJ offers exactly that. We have a new kind of technology that helps us develop a personalized treatment plan for your individual case that will leave you headache free. 

Research has shown that tension headaches and chronic migraines can often be as a result of mouth, jaw, and bite alignment issues. At the Migraine Center of NJ, we use this theory and apply the best technology for solving relieving headaches: the TruDenta System. This system addresses what your body is experiencing directly instead of just masking them with pain relievers. Treating the causes of headache pain instead of just treating the symptoms is what provides our patients with long-lasting headache relief.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for our program:

  • One or more chronic headaches a week
  • Two or more missed days of work a month due to headaches
  • Pain in your jaw, face, neck, shoulders, and arms for longer than a year
  • Ringing or fullness in your ears

So if any of these problems describe your situation, you will highly benefit from headache relief treatment from the professionals at the Migraine Center of NJ near Passaic, NJ. For drug-free, long-lasting headache relief, schedule an appointment with us by calling: 201.845.8411