TMJ in Paramus, NJ

One of the biggest issues with TMJ treatment is that many people don’t truly understand how TMJ works and what symptoms can result from it. At the Migraine Center of New Jersey in Paramus, NJ, we not only can successfully treat TMJ and all its subsequent symptoms, but we will help you understand what your body is experiencing and the steps we need to take to heal it. 

The temporomandibular joint, the body part in question, is responsible for a great deal of daily activity and is capable of more motion than any other joint in the body. As a result, it has a greater risk factor than most other areas of the body. When this joint is unstable, through tightness, fatigue, or imbalances in bite pattern, it can result in issues with the ears, neck, head, and other areas. Many people don’t know that temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is one of the highest causes of migraines and headaches. That’s where the Migraine Center of NJ comes in.

If any of these symptoms sound like what you are experiencing, please check out the Migraine Center of NJ. After a 20-minute examination with Dr. Milestone and our talented team, we can evaluate whether you are a candidate for our program. If you are, we will create a personalized treatment plan for your individual case that will leave you pain free in 12 or fewer weekly visits. So if you have TMD or think that you might be in need of a no-needles, no-pills TMJ treatment, schedule an appoint with the Migraine Center of NJ in Paramus, NJ by calling: 201.845.8411