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  • Oct 01 TMJ Treatment near Essex County, NJ

    Temporal Mandibular Joint disorder (TMJ) has been affecting people all across the United States In Essex County there are numerous TMJ treatment options, especially at The Migraine Center of NJ What causes TMJ The causes of TMJ range from grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, living a high stress lifestyle as well as age-related wear down of the jaw bone and point There are numerous methods for TMJ treatment Medication: There are three...  Read More

  • Sep 19 TMJ Pain Bergen County

    Looking for TMJ pain relief in the Bergen County area The Migraine Center of NJ can help you today TMJ occurs when a patient’s jaw and bite alignment malfunctions, causing the patient to suffer from dental disorders The malfunction is usually caused by the lower jaw The lower jaw is ideally designed to endure a range of motion when chewing, speaking and other day to day activities However, when the patient suffers from TMJ Pain, the day to...  Read More

  • Sep 19 TMJ Pain Essex County

    Advances in technology over the past several years have given individuals suffering from headache and migraine pain new opportunities to attain a healthy and migraine free life Doctors like Dr Milestone at the Migraine Center of New Jersey in Essex County, NJ can successfully use new technology to treat headaches, migraines, sleep apnea, and TMJ pain What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) This joint, commonly referred to as the...  Read More

  • Sep 19 Migraine Treatment Saddle Brook NJ

    Migraine Treatment Available in Saddle Brook NJ The Migraine Center of New Jersey approaches migraines and headaches from many angles We understand that migraine pain can wreck your daily life and poorly affect your concentration Therefore we know how to effectively treat migraines to restore your quality of lifeOur migraine treatment options include TruDenta TruDenta is a drug-free, needle-free, pain-free system to provide long-lasting...  Read More

  • Sep 15 Headache Relief Bergen County

    Headache Relief in Bergen County NJTake a moment to ask yourself the following questions: Suffering from headaches or other head pain Tired of living on pain medications Frustrated by missing workdays and important family events Ready for a real, long-lasting pain-relief solution The leading cause of headaches is not what you think, and it’s not all in your head The Migraine Center of New Jersey located in Bergen County can help...  Read More

  • Sep 15 Migraine Relief Essex County

    Migraine Relief in Essex County, NJIf you are one of the many of Americans who suffer endlessly from chronic migraines in Essex County of NJ, there are new treatment options for migraine relief available to you Today, we understand better the role that the mouth, jaw and improper bite alignment plays in the cause and frequency of Migraines Here at The Migraine Center of New Jersey, we approach migraines from many angles to restore your...  Read More

  • Sep 14 Common Migraine Treatments in Rutherford NJ

    Migraines can cause major disruptions to your day to day lives, causing an intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of the head Migraines go far beyond head pain other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light/sound all play a role in this difficult painAt The Migraine Center of NJ, we want to encourage our patients to know how to handle their migraines at home when they come about Here are a few tips to help treat...  Read More

  • Sep 12 Headache Relief Ridgewood NJ

    How to get rid of the common headache If you live in Ridgewood NJ and experience headaches that you have not been able to cure or find relief from, The Migraine Center of NJ can possibly help Only a short ride from Ridgewood, Dr Milestone and the staff at The Migraine Center of NJ is now helping residents of Ridgewood and the surrounding area find the Headache Relief they have been searching for years to find Headache Relief Options for...  Read More

  • Sep 11 TMJ treatment near West Orange, NJ

    Are you in need of TMJ treatment near West Orange, NJ Look no further than The Migraine Center of New Jersey Advances in technology over the past several years have given individuals suffering from Headache and Migraine Pain new opportunities to attain a healthy and Migraine Free life Doctors like Dr Milestone, at The Migraine Center of New Jersey who are well-known for correcting crooked teeth through the use of braces, appliances or...  Read More

  • Sep 09 Headache & Migraine Relief in Paramus, NJ

    We treat the source of your headaches for long-lasting headache relief Did you know that headaches affect 28 million Americans and are a major cause of missed work Headaches and migraines are actually an enlargement of the blood vessels in the brain Generally described as intense throbbing or pounding pain on one side of the head, migraines and headaches can sometimes be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cold hands or feet and...  Read More