Headache Relief in Bergen County NJ

Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions: Suffering from headaches or other head pain? Tired of living on pain medications? Frustrated by missing workdays and important family events? Ready for a real, long-lasting pain-relief solution? The leading cause of headaches is not what you think, and it’s not all in your head. The Migraine Center of New Jersey located in Bergen County can help.  Dr. Milestone provides long-lasting, needle-free, and drug-free pain relief, using the TruDenta Headache Relief technology.

What is our Headache Pain Treatment and Relief Program?

The TruDenta System, used by The Migraine Center of NJ in its Paramus, NJ office is an approach to chronic headache that addresses and treats the cause of the problem instead of temporarily masking the pain. Using a combination of techniques derived from sports medicine therapies, we target the improper muscle forces in the head, neck, and jaw area that cause painful conditions such as headaches.

Why would I want this Headache Relief Treatment?

Research has shown that the causes of chronic migraines, tension headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, TMJ/TMD, and face, jaw, and neck pain may all be interconnected. The cause could be unbalanced forces in your mouth that affect the muscles of these areas. This leads to changes in the chemical and nerve reactions that result in chronic pain such as headaches. Additionally, painful headache symptoms could result from an accident, head trauma, bad posture, or other underlying conditions.

By treating the cause of the headache pain and not just the headache symptoms, we provide long-lasting headache pain relief.

With more than 36 million Americans annually having at least occasional recurring headache pain, we offer a headache treatment that is a proven strategy for relieving chronic headache pain.

This system offers a drug-free, needle-free, and pain-free program for long-lasting pain relief.

How Does Our Headache Relief Treatment Work?

The Migraine Center of NJ Bergen County’s office headache pain evaluation is easy and simple. After discussing your headache and overall health history with Dr. Milestone, the objective and computer-assisted headache relief evaluation helps to pinpoint your headache cause. Based on the findings during the evaluation, a personalized in-office treatment will be prescribed.

Dr. Milestone re-trains the muscles and nerves connected by the trigeminal nucleus to function properly. Our treatments last about 50 minutes and include the use of several proven, FDA-cleared technologies. Depending upon the severity of your headache pain diagnosis, your treatment may consist of one to 12 treatments completed weekly.

After 40 years of headaches, I haven’t had another one in the 15 months since I completed treatment. – one of TruDenta’s many happy, pain-free patients

Do you experience one or more of the following?

  • One or more chronic headaches a week
  • Two or more missed days of work a month due to headaches
  • Pain in your jaw, face, neck, shoulders, and arms for longer than a year
  • Ringing or fullness in your ears

Would you like your headache pain relief to be:

  • Drug-free?
  • Pain-free?
  • Long-lasting?
  • From state-of-the-art technology?
  • Derived from proven sports medicine therapy?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, seek Dr. Milestone’s help.

Symptoms and Causes of Headaches

Headache and other head-pain symptoms may result from force imbalances that affect blood vessels, muscles, and nerves in the head, face, and neck areas. The trigeminal nucleus is the part of your nervous system that tells your brain to sense head pain. The Migraine Center of NJ works to balance these forces and create a stable foundation so you are free of head pain and headaches.

The Migraine Center of NJ treats several headache and other pain symptoms, including:

  • Clenching and grinding of the teeth
  • Dental wear and tooth breakage
  • Clicking and popping of the jaw
  • Discomfort in the neck or jaw
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Facial pain

Types of Headache Pain

  • The most common type of headache is called a tension headache. It causes a band of pain around the top and both sides of the head and neck. They result from tightening of the head, neck, and facial muscles.
  • Inflammatory headaches are due to inflammation or swelling.
  • Traction headaches are caused when pain-sensitive parts of the head, neck, or face are pulled, stretched, or displaced. The incident that caused the displacement, like whiplash or an eye-strain, may not be significant enough to remember.
  • Vascular headache pain, also known as a migraine or cluster headache, causes severe pain, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, dizziness, and vision impairment.

Causes of Head Pain

The Migraine Center of NJ targets the improper muscle forces in the head, neck, and jaw areas that cause headaches and head pain and other painful conditions in the face, jaw, and neck areas. These conditions may be caused by several factors, including:

Head, Neck, or Body Trauma

Sports injuries, accidents, or a simple bump on the head could affect the force balances within your mouth. These incidents could have happened yesterday or many years ago. The trauma could potentially stretch or tear ligaments, which causes dental imbalances and head pain.

Dental Treatments

Aged restorative material, poor adaptation to dental work, wisdom tooth extraction, and other dental treatments can also cause headache symptoms.


Increased stress, lack of exercise, and poor diet can result in many headache pain symptoms. Poor posture due to excessive sitting may also lead to headaches.

Age and Wear

As the body ages, so does your bite. Since teeth and the components of dental restorations (both metal and composite) age at different rates, changes in your bite over time can cause improper teeth alignment and disrupt the force balance.

If you have experienced any of the causes listed above and have head pain, contact our Paramus NJ in Bergen County office today for a painless evaluation and examination utilizing the patented TruDenta System.