Migraine Treatment Ridgewood, NJ

There are several causes of headaches in our everyday lives. Headaches are annoying and painful, but how can you prevent them? Well, Dr. Matthew Milestone and our friends at The Migraine Center of New Jersey have a few examples of what cause everyday headaches, and how you can work on your everyday lifestyle in order to avoid them. If you’re looking to prevent your headaches in Paramus, NJ, then Dr. Matthew Milestone is here to help!

  • Anxiety: Anybody classified with an anxiety disorder will be able to describe headaches brought on by their anxiety; whether they are moderate or severe. Headaches are a good indicator of an anxiety disorder, and chronic headaches can limit the functioning of an individual diagnosed. However, Dr. Matthew Milestone says that it’s possible to manage anxiety in a healthy way, and therefore manage and limit your headaches. A doctor may opt to prescribe medications effective for an anxiety disorder, such as antidepressants or monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). However, these medications can be used to treat an anxiety disorder alone, and your doctor will closely monitor any side effects to ensure that your treatment is working effectively.
  • Light and Glare: Many sufferers of migraines commonly describe being sensitive to light or glare and that they bring on the symptoms of headaches. Bright lights, computer screens, or the blinding light from the sun on your commute to or from work are all listed causes that can bring on an extremely painful headache. But what are some paths to take to avoid these triggers? Well, one of our friends at The Migraine Center of New Jersey mentions that you could turn down the brightness setting on your computer monitor, or purchase a glare overlay for your screen to tone the light down. You could also wear polarized sunglasses outdoors to reduce the amount of light that your eyes take in during your drive or on snowy days (as light bounces off of snow, making it hard to see). A recent study in children found that blue wavelengths of light were very taxing on the eyes, and so a tinting of contact or prescription lenses may be helpful.
  • Noise: Dr. Matthew Milestone says that approximately 75% of those with migraines count sounds as a trigger. Unfortunately, loud, high-decibel sounds around us are hard to avoid. Sound sensitivity may be experienced in that loud or quiet noises can cause the perception of sound to amplify or seem louder, increase headache pain, or a serious migraine can cause an individual to temporarily lose their sense of hearing.
  • Exercise: Some find that exercise or strenuous activity will bring on a painful headache. One The Migraine Center of New Jersey team member mentions that some activities that are associated with exercise headaches are weightlifting, rowing, swimming, running, and playing tennis. Primary exercise headaches are usually harmless, and can be prevented with medication, but secondary exercise headaches are caused by a serious underlying problem with the brain. They may require emergency medical attention as some examples of secondary headaches include bleeding or a tumor in the brain, or coronary heart disease.
  • Food: By tracking headaches through the day based on meals, you may be able to pinpoint certain aspects of your diet that might cause headaches. However, foods might not be the cause; fasting, dehydration, or skipping meals can trigger headaches in many individuals. Dr. Matthew Milestone says that some of the most common foods, beverages, and additives that can induce headaches include aged cheeses (like brie, parmesan, and swiss), alcoholic beverages (beer, scotch, or red wine), nitrates and nitrites (that are additives in hot dogs, bacon, and pepperoni), and caffeine found in sodas and coffee.

If you experience one or few of these triggers in your everyday life, then a painful headache or migraine might be inevitable. If you’d like more tips on how to avoid headaches in Paramus, NJ, or are seeking treatment for frequent headaches, then look no further than Dr. Matthew Milestone! He and the professional staff at The Migraine Center of New Jersey would be happy to help you. Feel free to call 201.845.8411 for any questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment today!

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