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  • Can Dental Issues Cause Migraines?

    Can dental issues cause migraines What do the teeth have to do with it Well, you may be surprised to learn that issues in the mouth can indeed lead to chronic migraines Although you feel it in your head, the cause can often be in the mouth and jaw To treat migraines, one must first determine the source of the problem Since it’s nonintuitive, many people don’t realize that dental issues can lead to migraines Unfortunately, half of all...  

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  • Effective Migraine Relief Near Me

    Are you looking for 'migraine relief near me' Today, there are effective, painless solutions that don't require the use of painkillers Thus, safe and comfortable treatment can make regular migraines a thing of the past  Keep in mind, the majority of Americans suffer from headaches, with more than 36 million people enduring migraines Too often, people have resigned themselves to thinking they have to live with it Sadly, they have quietly...  

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  • Migraine Headaches – What You Need To Know

    Migraine headaches consist of an intense throbbing sensation in one area of the head The symptoms of a migraine may cause significant pain for hours to days Some migraines are accompanied by sensory warning symptoms, such as flashes of light, blind spots, or a tingling sensation in arms or legs What Causes Migraine Headaches At The Migraine Center Of NJ, we are able to accurately determine the issue that is behind your migraine and headache...  

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  • Migraine Remedies Without Medication

    Where Can I Find Migraine Remedies Without Medication Near Me The Migraine Center of New Jersey provides migraine relief and headache treatment to residents of Paramus NJ and the surrounding areas of Bergen County Our team at The Migraine Center of NJ has experience in craniofacial problems that can result in moderate to severe migraines By using TruDenta, we are able to determine different neuromuscular forces and isolate the cause of migraine...  

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  • What Causes Migraines?

    For those who have experienced it, migraines can be agonizing These aren’t your normal everyday headaches and can become very severe if no medication or treatment is undertaken to alleviate the symptoms or the pain The pain can ruin your day, not allowing you to work and/or concentrate And because of the wide age group this occurs in, it can cause problems with studies and work performance Migraines can be caused because of many reasons;...  

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