Migraine Relief Near Me

Are you looking for ‘migraine relief near me?’ Today, there are effective, painless solutions that don’t require the use of painkillers. Thus, safe and comfortable treatment can make regular migraines a thing of the past. 

Keep in mind, the majority of Americans suffer from headaches, with more than 36 million people enduring migraines. Too often, people have resigned themselves to thinking they have to live with it. Sadly, they have quietly endured the pain for years, which often leads to depression. Also, migraine sufferers tend to have trouble sleeping and feel anxious and fatigued.

Fortunately, advances in understanding the complex causes of headaches have led to effective treatment. Best of all, you can receive treatment without medication. And, treatment can resolve the problem. So, you can finally live life without reoccurring headaches.

Precision Diagnosis Uncovers the Source of the Problem

Now, using the TruDenta system, new diagnostic technology allows us to zero in on sources of imbalance in your neck, jaw, and head. Often, localized inflammation and tension cause pain to radiate to surrounding tissue, leading to headaches. Finally, once we narrow down the source of the problem, we can treat it effectively.

We’ll analyze the bite force in your jaw and the range of motion in your jaw and neck. Next, we custom-tailer a treatment plan based on your symptoms. Importantly, all treatments are FDA-cleared and safe. And, they are painless and provide relief right away. So, with regular treatments, you can finally say goodbye to chronic pain and misery.

Treatments may include:

  • therapeutic ultrasound
  • low-level photobiomodulation
  • microcurrent stimulation
  • manual muscle therapy
  • trigger point manipulation

Importantly, treatments have shown a high success rate. Even better, the same procedures can work for conditions like TMJ, Vertigo, diziness., and Tinnitus.

Amazingly, you can say goodbye to chronic pain and get your life back. 


Gentle Treatments from An Experienced Orthodontist

At the Migraine Center, you’ll receive expert care from Dr. Matthew Milestone, an orthodontist with over three decades of experience in New Jersey. His top expertise in dental problems and advanced training with TruDenta allows him to provide lasting relief for migraine sufferers. In addition, he provides a full range of orthodontic services, including Invisalign, as well as specialized treatments for sleep apnea and snoring. 

The proof is in the testimonials from patients at the Migraine Center of NJ. For example, one of our patients wrote:

“It’s amazing how quickly it happens, and you are just so skeptical like nothing is going to work. I happen to have had jaw pain for as long as I can remember. Now I don’t feel any! – Susan”

 Today, migraine relief near me is here for those in New Jersey near:

  • Paramus
  • Oradell
  • Fairlawn
  • River Edge
  • Bergen County

Sadly, migraines can affect your entire body. However, you don’t have to put up with them anymore.

Please, call the experts in headache relief at (201)-845-8411. We look forward to helping you say goodbye to migraines.

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