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For those who have experienced it, migraines can be agonizing. These aren’t your normal everyday headaches and can become very severe if no medication or treatment is undertaken to alleviate the symptoms or the pain. The pain can ruin your day, not allowing you to work and/or concentrate. And because of the wide age group this occurs in, it can cause problems with studies and work performance.

Migraines can be caused because of many reasons; patients have reported being hit by migraine symptoms when the following things have happened:

Changes in Sleep Pattern.
Too much or too less sleep has been reported to be a common cause of a migraine headache, in correlation to this, people facing jet lag have also been known to be prone to migraines.

Stress at work or home is also known to be a common cause.

Jaw Alignment.
New studies have found a correlation between the improper jaw and bite alignment and migraines, that the particular problem might be able to affect the intensity and the frequency of the migraines.

Other Reasons

Other common reasons for a migraine involve sensory stimuli, such as loud sounds, bright lights and strong smells. A bright warm sunny day might be quick to induce a migraine headache with people who have a chronic migraine problem. Furthermore, the problem could be caused by Age, Gender, Genetics and Hormonal Changes.

But one thing you know for sure is that migraines can hamper your daily routine to a very big extent and a good migraine treatment plan is something that you require.

So keep first things first, in order to avoid getting further migraines, you must identify the reason that is being a cause. You can come to the Migraine Center of New Jersey, for Dr. Milestone’s team to be able to diagnose the cause of your migraines and be able to make up a treatment plan specifically for you; we are known to offer a drug-free migraine treatment.

Also depending on the reason for your migraines, we can provide you with handy and useful migraine remedies, to save the day if migraine symptoms begin to hit. Just so, your daily productivity and routine are not harmed because of the pain.

Be wary for migraine treatments available online, for they include migraine medications such as injected painkillers that can build up dependency and tolerance for the particular painkiller, which leads to more and more usage until the painkiller starts affecting other organs such as kidneys and liver. If you are ever facing an extreme migraine or even usual migraine attacks, you should call us at 201-845-8411 to book an appointment, the address and other details of our offices are given below:



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