Can Dental Issues Cause Migraines

Can dental issues cause migraines? What do the teeth have to do with it? Well, you may be surprised to learn that issues in the mouth can indeed lead to chronic migraines. Although you feel it in your head, the cause can often be in the mouth and jaw.

To treat migraines, one must first determine the source of the problem. Since it’s nonintuitive, many people don’t realize that dental issues can lead to migraines. Unfortunately, half of all migraine sufferers are never diagnosed. Worse, most migraine sufferers never seek medical care for their pain at all.

Dental Issues That Cause Migraines

Many people with migraines have jaw-related issues. At the joint where the jaw connects to the skull, the temporomandibular joints are constantly in motion. The TMJs are among the most complex joints in the body.

When the TMJs are even slightly out of alignment, TMD disorders can result. Pain radiating from these joints affects surrounding tissue, moving into the neck, shoulder, and head. Symptoms can even lead to tingling far down in the fingers. Often, TMD symptoms include powerful migraine headaches.

Often, TMJ issues are associated with clenching and grinding teeth, which can damage tooth enamel. From there, you may develop misalignments of the teeth called malocclusions or a “bad bite.” As a result, oral health declines, and a wide range of symptoms can get worse.

Best Migraine and Dental Expert in New Jersey

Migraine relief is possible thanks to new technology and expert help. It starts with an easy 20-minute exam and a review of your health history. Then, we can determine the cause of your migraines and if you’re a candidate for our program.

Then, we will design a custom plan to provide long-lasting relief using the cutting-edge TruDenta system. With 12 or fewer weekly visits, we provide a gentle and safe range of therapies. Afterward, you can begin to live pain-free. With no drugs needed, patients can often reduce dependency on pain relievers.

Dr. Milestone has an advanced understanding of how dental issues can cause migraines. With over 30 years of experience as an orthodontist, he understands how imbalances in the mouth and jaw can lead to migraines and tinnitus symptoms.

Patients love Dr. Milestone and often experience “life-altering” relief. As you treat dental issues, you can avoid many potentially serious health concerns. Not only can you get relief from migraines, but many associated TMJ symptoms. For example, you may get relief from pain when chewing or aching facial pain.

Reach Out – Get the Relief You Deserve

Considering how common and devastating migraines can be, it’s vital to reach out for help. Although one in four US households includes someone who suffers from migraines, most people think they have to live it.

Depression, anxiety, and sleep problems often make matters worse, further diminishing life quality. Migraines can affect not only the sufferer but those around them. So, seeking out help can improve life not only for you but for loved ones and coworkers.

If you suffer from migraines, you owe it to yourself to see a migraine specialist. Using the latest technologies, we can determine the root cause of migraines. In cases where dental issues are a cause, you can get safe, long-lasting relief. And, this relief doesn’t require medications, needles, or pain.

So, you don’t have to live with pain. Gentle, effective, and affordable relief is within reach at the Migraine Center of New Jersey.

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