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  • Can Dental Issues Cause Migraines?

    Can dental issues cause migraines What do the teeth have to do with it Well, you may be surprised to learn that issues in the mouth can indeed lead to chronic migraines Although you feel it in your head, the cause can often be in the mouth and jaw To treat migraines, one must first determine the source of the problem Since it’s nonintuitive, many people don’t realize that dental issues can lead to migraines Unfortunately, half of all...  

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  • How Effective Is Dental-Related Migraine Relief?

    How effective is dental-related migraine relief Fortunately, treatment can be effective with long-lasting relief Even better, there are no drugs, pain, or needles involved Instead, we use a range of FDA-approved safe therapies after precisely identifying the source of migraines The Migraine Research Foundation reports as many as one in four US households includes someone with migraines That's 12% of the population, affecting 10% of children...  

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