Are you looking for “Dental Treatment For Chronic Headaches/Migraines NJ?” Today, with state-of-the-art technology, you can relieve headaches without drugs, needles, or pain. Now, you can get to the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms of headaches.

For approximately 36 million people who live with chronic headaches, you may have lost hope for relief. However, don’t give up! Today, with the TruDenta System, diagnostic technology shines a light on the complex and interconnected causes of headache pain. 

Effective, Safe Relief for Headaches

TruDenta closely examines the whole musculoskeletal system of the head, neck, and jaw. Thus, we can zero in on precisely where inflammation and inbalances are radiating pain to surrounding tissue. Finally, with a painless and customized plan, you can get lasting relief.

Amazingly, the TruDenta medical breakthrough has a 95 percent clinical success rate. Also, 97 percent of doctors say they see results in relieving or eliminating headaches, migraines, TMJ, Vertigo, and other sources of chronic pain. Importantly, treatment can have life-changing benefits for many people.

How Does TruDenta Treatment Work?

Firstly, after we pinpoint the specific causes of your headaches, we will prescribe a personalized in-office treatment plan. Then, depending on your symptoms, you can expect 50-minute gentle treatments using safe, FDA-cleared technologies. Thereafter, you may require from one to 12 procedures completed weekly.

Painless technologies include ultrasound, low-level photobiomodulation, microcurrent, and manual muscle therapy. After a couple of sessions, many patients report seeing a big difference. For those with regular headaches, the results can be overwhelmingly positive. Imagine taking on life without chronic headaches to hold you back!

See patient testimonials from TruDenta below:

Dental Treatment For Chronic Headaches/Migraines NJ

Did you know some 1.1 million people are searching online every month for relief from the painful symptoms caused by a dental force imbalance? Fortunately, if you’re reading this in New Jersey, assistance is within reach with Dr. Milestone and the team at The Migraine Center of New Jersey.

Check out our patient testimonials and see what people are saying about us. Then, call the experts in headache relief treatment serving New Jersey. Notably, we serve areas throughout New Jersey, including Paramus, NJ, Oradell, NJ, Fairlawn, NJ, River Edge, NJ, and the Bergen County, NJ area.

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The leading cause of headaches is not what you think, and it’s not all in your head. The Migraine Center of New Jersey can help.

Posted by The Migraine Center of NJ on Friday, February 21, 2020

Living with migraines is practically unbearable. You don’t know when your next one will come on, and when it does, it is absolutely debilitating. You want to get your life back, so you’ve started looking for migraine treatment in NJ. When you go to a migraine specialist, you can get the type of treatment you need. Then, instead of spending your time looking for migraine treatment in New Jersey, you will spend your time living your life.

Personalized Migraine Treatment

Everyone is different when it comes to migraines. Some people have an aura, while others don’t. Some end up with migraines after drinking red wine, while others can handle alcohol just fine. Then, some people have neck or jaw problems that cause migraines. When looking for migraine treatment in NJ, you need to find a provider who understands that everyone is different and offers a customized approach to treatment. That is the only way you will your migraines under control.

Find the Root of the Problem

There are two schools of thought when treating migraines. Some doctors only handle the symptoms. If you get a migraine, you pop a pill, so it goes away. There’s a problem with this, though. You will actually end up with rebound headaches. That’s why you shouldn’t call one of these doctors when looking for migraine treatment in NJ.

When looking for migraine treatment in New Jersey, you need to choose someone who finds and treats the root of the problem. That is the key to getting your life back. Once the symptoms are treated, you can finally be free from the hold of migraines. That’s why you need to choose a Paramus, New Jersey, migraine specialist who gets to the root of the problem.

Simple Treatment: Powerful Results

When looking for migraine treatment in New Jersey, you might be surprised to learn there are drug-free treatments available. Instead of making you swallow pills or get shots, these practitioners use therapeutic treatments to get to the root of the condition and provide relief. This is preferable to taking medications, so keep it in mind when looking for migraine treatment in New Jersey.

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Finding Migraine Relief

Are you seeking relief from migraines? Sometimes migraine sufferers aren’t familiar with all the possible causes for migraines. Many times, orthodontic treatment can actually alleviate common causes of migraines. Our own Dr. Matthew Milestone says that there are numerous orthodontic factors that correlate to migraines. There are many orthodontic remedies for migraine headaches in NJ.

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Narrow Bite Arches
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

These can all be contributing factors to the cause of chronic migraines. Many orthodontic patients are being treated as part of a program. This includes pain management as well as remediation. In an effort to ease the pain associated with migraines these patients oftentimes look to improve their condition via orthodontic treatment to better align their jaws.

Get to the Source

Migraine Treatment NJ

Systemic bodily functions can create a difference in treating the underlying causes of migraine symptoms. Soft tissues (like your gums), as well as skeletal support structures (like ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels), all work together to bring you a functional mouth. Armed with this knowledge you can better help yourself find the cause of your migraine headaches. There are various orthodontic remedies for migraine headaches that may help you alleviate painful symptoms.

How We Can Help You

If you are among the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic migraine pain, you are definitely not alone. At The Migraine Center of NJ, our main priority is helping you get to the root of your migraine. By addressing the cause of your migraine and not just providing temporary relief we are able to help patients like you find the relief you’ve been searching for. Implementing modern treatment techniques and proven science puts you one step closer to being entirely migraine free. Using techniques such as the following, we are best able to help you.

  • A computerized reading of the force balance in your mouth via a tooth-by-tooth basis
  • A digital readout of the ability of your muscle movements
  • Oral movement measurements

If you believe that you are a candidate for treatment, there is no better time than now to act. Find relief from your troubling symptoms. Call us today and schedule your appointment. Learn more regarding how orthodontic remedies for migraine headaches can help you!

Our team at The Migraine Center Of NJ are experts in migraine treatment and migraine relief in Paramus NJ and surrounding areas of Bergen County NJ. Dr. Milestone is highly experienced and knowledgeable in treating patients of all ages and conditions.

What Is TruDenta?

TruDenta is a comprehensive system that helps dentists treat various disorders by progressively adjusting the way that your teeth bite together. These disorders may include headaches, migraines, vertigo, tinnitus, and temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ) problems.

How Does TruDenta Work?

how trudenta worksThe TruDenta treatment is the exact opposite of a painful and unpleasant dental experience. TruDenta does not require the use of needles, injections, or heavy drugs as the process is completely painless. As a leading migraine specialist, Dr. Milestone understands that the human jaw exerts enormous amounts of force. As a result, any kind of change to its movements may cause imbalances that result in chronic pain over time. This not only occurs in the jaw, but also in the entire sets of nerves that run through the neck, face, and head.

What Causes The Need For TruDenta?

These imbalances in the jaw can be a result of many factors. TMJ problems may occur from poorly done or extensive dental work, physical trauma or injury, teeth grinding, or one-sided chewing habits. Just like any other joint in our body, the TMJ becomes at risk to injury over time. As a result, imbalances in the way that your teeth meet together or jaw movements may cause stress in the muscles and nerves in the jaw and face.

Finding How TruDenta Works In Paramus NJ

In conclusion, our team at The Migraine Center Of NJ are experienced in migraine treatment and relief. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding how TruDenta works in Paramus NJ, Oradell NJ, Fairlawn NJ, River Edge NJ, and the surrounding areas of Bergen County NJ. Contact The Migraine Center today to schedule a free consultation. Call now 201.845.8411.

What Causes Migraines?

The Migraine Center Of NJ uses advanced technology and second to none experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause behind migraine symptoms. Interestingly, studies now point toward 80% of all migraines and headaches being symptomatic of dental issues. Our unique system is FDA-approved and provides a direct evaluation of the common problem areas patients experience. This evaluation includes screening your head, neck, ears, and jaw. This makes it easy to restore your quality of life by accurately diagnosing the cause of your migraine, and determining the best solution.

Today, we have a much greater understanding of the role which the mouth, jaw and bite alignment plays in causing migraines. Here at The Migraine Center of New Jersey, our top migraine treatment doctor, Dr. Milestone, understands that migraine pain can be excruciating. Migraines wreck the quality of your daily life, ruining your ability to concentrate, and making everyday tasks unachievable. After our advanced examination of your Migraine symptoms, we can determine exactly what is causing your chronic migraines. We diagnose and assemble a successful treatment plan just for you.

Millions of People Experience the Pain of Migraines

It is common for people to experience the symptoms associated with migraines, it is also entirely possible to achieve relief. One of the leading causes of migraines is malocclusion or misalignment of teeth. Top and bottom teeth may not be aligned properly, resulting in pressure caused by biting down. This action typically results in pain radiating throughout the head. This pain often results in your body picking up these signals and interpreting them as a migraine.

If you are experiencing frequent and or painful headaches, these may be classified as migraines. Luckily, The Migraine Center of NJ is here to serve you! Contact us today, and continue living your best life, free from pain. We have helped countless individuals, and now we are ready to help you! We are conveniently located at 27 Madison Avenue Paramus, NJ 07652.