migraine relief in njMigraine pain can be excruciating and debilitating. The Migraine Center of New Jersey targets the root cause of your pain to provide migraine relief in NJ. Dr. Milestone and his team are dedicated to helping our patients regain quality of life by addressing the core issue causing your migraines.

Migraine Relief NJ

Migraines can not only cause a great deal of pain, but they can interfere with everyday life. We understand that in order to live your life, fully, we need to help end the pain you are experiencing. Our migraine relief treatment is:

  • Drug Free
  • Needle Free
  • Pain Free
  • Long Lasting


With these easy and painless tests, migraine treatment doctor, Dr. Milestone, can see what’s causing your migraine symptoms. The remainder of your comprehensive migraine pain examination helps you and Dr. Milestone pinpoint other related issues involving mouth health, muscle health, tooth-related issues, and other potential problem areas that will be treated during your Migraine Relief Therapy.

  • A computerized measurement of the force balance in your mouth on a tooth-by-tooth basis
  • A computerized measurement of the disability of your muscle movements
  • Mouth movement measurements

Only a trained TruDenta Migraine Treatment Doctor such as Dr. Milestone use this unique combination of assessment technology and education that often leads to immediate migraine relief in NJ!

Dr. Milestone and the team at The Migraine Center of New Jersey are experts in migraine relief in NJ. If you have any questions pertaining to headache relief, migraine relief, TMJ treatment, or sleep apnea in Paramus, NJ, Oradell, NJ, Fairlawn, NJ, River Edge, NJ, Bergen County, NJ or the 07652 area, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Milestone, contact The Migraine Center of New Jersey at: (201)-845-8411.