Headache Relief in New Jersey

Looking for headache relief in NJ? Are you suffering from headaches or other head pain? Are you tired of living on pain medications? Frustrated by missing work and important events with family and friends? Ready for a real, long-lasting pain-relief solution? The leading cause of headaches may not be what you suspect, and it’s not all in your head. The Migraine Center of New Jersey located in Bergen County can help.  Dr. Milestone provides exceptionally long-lasting, needle-free, and drug-free pain relief, using the TruDenta Headache Relief technology.

Our Treatment Program

The TruDenta System, used by The Migraine Center of NJ is an approach to the chronic headache that addresses the cause of headaches instead of simply masking the pain. By using a combination of techniques derived from sports medicine therapies, we target the improper muscle forces in the head, neck, and jaw area that cause painful conditions such as headaches. This allows us to get to the root of the problem.

Am I a Candidate?

Studies have shown that the causes of chronic migraines, tension headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, TMJ/TMD, and face, jaw, and neck pain may all be connected. The root of your pain could be related to unbalanced forces in your mouth that affect the muscles of these areas. This may lead to changes in the chemical and nerve reactions that result in chronic pain such as headaches. Additionally, painful headache symptoms could result from an accident, head trauma, bad posture, or any other underlying conditions.

By treating the cause of the headache pain and not just the headache symptoms, we provide long-lasting headache pain relief. Over 36 million Americans annually experience at least occasional recurring headache pain, we offer a headache treatment that is a proven strategy for relieving chronic headache pain. Our method offers a drug-free, needle-free, and pain-free program for long-lasting pain relief.

Our Objective

The Migraine Center of NJ Bergen County’s office headache pain evaluation is easy and simple. After explaining your headache symptoms the overall history of your health with Dr. Milestone, the objective, and computer-assisted headache relief evaluation will help to pinpoint the cause of your headache. Based on observations during the evaluation, a personalized in-office treatment will be prescribed.

Dr. Milestone re-trains the muscles and nerves connected by the trigeminal nucleus to function as they should. Our treatments last about an hour and include the use of several proven, FDA-cleared technologies. Depending upon the severity of your headache pain, your treatment may consist of one to 12 steps completed weekly.

 “After 40 years of headaches, I haven’t had another one in the 15 months since I completed treatment.” – one of TruDenta’s many happy, pain-free patients

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Two or more day work missed per month due to headaches
  • Pain in your jaw, shoulders, face, neck, and arms for longer than a year
  • Ringing or fullness in your ears
  • One or more chronic headaches a week

Would you like to resolve your headaches in a way that is…

  • Drug-free?
  • Pain-free?
  • Long-lasting?
  • Derived from proven sports medicine therapy?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is time to seek Dr. Milestone’s help. We are specialists involved with headache relief in NJ.

The Migraine Center of NJ Treats the Following Issues

  • Clenching and grinding of the teeth
  • Discomfort in the neck or jaw
  • Dental wear and tooth breakage
  • Clicking and popping of the jaw
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Facial pain

Did you know that you can cure headaches with orthodontic treatment?

At The Migraine Center of New Jersey we know headaches. We don’t like them, and neither do you. That’s why we do our best to try and cure them for all of our patients. You won’t believe the leading cause of headaches, and it’s not all in your head. New Jersey’s Migraine Center can help you like many other patients! Using TruDenta headache relief technology, Dr. Milestone treats the cause of many headaches and symptoms of headache and offers long-lasting, needle-free, and drug-free pain relief to patients across Paramus, West Orange, and surrounding Bergen County regions.

We offer you a free initial consultation so that we can take the time to get to know each other. This initial consultation is where we will address your symptoms, and start getting to the root of your headaches. Dr. Milestone a special type of orthodontist called a headache orthodontist. His orthodontic treatment can cure headaches. He alleviates chronic headaches by addressing underlying dental abnormalities that may stress the jaw joints and surrounding muscles. If a patient experiences excess strain and stress on the neck and facial muscles, they often suffer from headaches caused by TMJ or TMD.

Are Orthodontic Issues at the Heart of Your Headache?

Dr. Milestone knows that many studies point to the root cause of many headaches are actually the result of a less than ideal orthodontic scenario. More than 36 million Americans annually have some form of occasional recurring headache pain, we offer a headache treatment that is proven to combat chronic headache pain.

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing headaches related to your orthodontic situation:

Trauma to Head, Body, or Neck

Sports injuries, accidents or a simple bump on your head can affect your mouth and body. These incidents could’ve taken place at any time during your life, unfortunately the problems associated may persist over time. The trauma may stretch or tear ligaments that cause dental imbalances and headaches.

Past Dental Experiences

Bad dental practices, certain invasive techniques, extraction of wisdom teeth and other dental treatments may also trigger symptoms of headache in some patients.

Life Choices

migraine treatment paramus nj

Increased stress, absence of practice, and bad nutrition can lead to many symptoms of headache pain. Poor posture can also lead to headaches owing to excessive sitting.

Wear and Tear

As your body grows older, so does your bite. Because teeth and dental restoration parts (both metal and composite) age at distinct rates, modifications in your bite over time may trigger incorrect alignment of teeth and interrupt the equilibrium of strength.

Determining if your headaches are due in part to unresolved orthodontic issues may be step one in fixing the problem. If you have any of the uncomfortable side effects that come alongside headaches, please contact us today and start feeling better. You will be glad that you did!