Migraine and Headache Relief New Jersey

The team at the Migraine Center of New Jersey is here to announce that June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month! Dr. Milestone and the rest of our team are dedicated to helping those in need of headache and migraine relief that, with the proper help, you can “rule your headache”.

How Can We Help?

At the Migraine Center of NJ, we promote migraine and headache awareness every day. We know that multitudes of people worldwide suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, and pain-killer after pain-killer isn’t helping. That’s why our team is thoroughly invested in drug-free, long-lasting migraine and headache treatment that you can depend on.

If you experience one or more of the following, the pros at the Migraine Center of NJ can help:

  • One or more chronic headaches a week
  • Two or more missed days of work a month due to headaches
  • Pain in your jaw, face, neck, shoulders, and arms for longer than a year
  • Ringing or fullness in your ears

Join the Migraine and Headache Awareness Movement!

In honor of National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, our team at the Migraine Center of NJ would like to invite you to join the movement. If you’re ready to take the first step toward real, long-lasting migraine and headache relief, we’re here to help. To find out more about our headache relief program or National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, or to schedule your initial consultation, don’t hesitate to contact the Migraine Center of New Jersey today!

Dr. Milestone and the team at The Migraine Center of New Jersey are experts in headache relief. If you have any questions pertaining to headache relief, migraine relief, TMJ treatment, or sleep apnea in Paramus, NJ, Oradell, NJ, Fairlawn, NJ, River Edge, NJ, Bergen County, NJ or ZIP CODE, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Milestone contact The Migraine Center of New Jersey at: (201)-845-8411