Do you suffer from TMJ pain? The Migraine Center of NJ can help. Temporal Mandibular Joint disorder (TMJ) is a disorder of the jaw joints which creates jaw and bite alignment malfunctions in individuals suffering from this dental disorder. TMJ is caused by a number of things like grinding teeth, clenching your jaw, living a high stress lifestyle as well as wearing down of the jaw bone and joints due to age-related causes. With the colder months arriving at a brisk pace it’s important to know how to maintain your TMJ pain in Bergen County.

The stress of the cold temperature causes constricting muscles and veins which can add a lot of stress on people with TMJ. This is caused by the pressure changes from warm to cold and happens with each major season change throughout the year. It’s important to maintain a few habits during the cold months when you are struggling with TMJ pain. Here are some personal suggestions from us at The Migraine Center of NJ:

Wear warm clothes.

The first thing is to wear cold weather gear. This is especially crucial during the winter months because warm clothes help to retain body heat to prevent the tensing and clenching of muscles and veins that happen when a person feels the cold.

Stay warm indoors.

Another important tip is to stay warm while indoors. This is pretty self-explanatory but incredibly crucial. Make sure that the thermostat is cranked up a little bit higher than usual. When you sleep, cuddling under a blanket or heating pad is a great way to stay warm during those cold nights.

Maintaining your body heat, even while you’re indoors is crucial if you want to manage your TMJ disorder in the colder months this year.

Remain Active.

The final and most crucial part of all is to stay active. Staying physically active all year long is important for any person so they can maintain their health, but when it comes to those who struggle with TMJ disorder it can be easy not to.

We understand that your body aches, but you have to be conscious to maintain your activity. Moving your body will drastically help moving your muscles and joints so they don’t remain weak or tight. By remaining active your joints and muscles are loosened, grow stronger and will be better prepared to handle the cold weather and drastic changes is temperature.

At the Migraine Center of NJ we want to be sure our patients are treated with the best care. If you’re ready to leave behind the pain of chronic pain from TMJ in Bergen County contact The Migraine Center of NJ to set up an appointment at: (201) 845-8411