• what causes migraines

    What Causes Migraines?

    What Are Migraines? A migraine headache causes an intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of the head and is typically accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light ... Read More

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    Treatment For TMJ In NJ

    What Is TMJ Disorder? The temporomandibular joints, referred to as TMJ, are the joints and muscles in the jaw that make it possible to open your mouth, close your mouth, and chew food. There is a ... Read More

  • treatment for tinnitus

    Treatment For Tinnitus

    What Is Tinnitus? The American Tinnitus Association defines tinnitus as the perception of sound in one ear, both ears, or in the head when there is no external sound is present. Tinnitus ... Read More

  • trudenta paramus nj

    Is TruDenta Effective?

    What Is TruDenta? TruDenta is a drug-free, needle-free, and painless system to provide lasting migraine pain relief. These treatments are considered therapeutic and have been proven to be ... Read More

  • Migraine Remedies Without Medication paramus nj

    Migraine Remedies Without Medication

    Where Can I Find Migraine Remedies Without Medication Near Me? The Migraine Center of New Jersey provides migraine relief and headache treatment to residents of Paramus NJ and the surrounding ... Read More

  • migraine treatment paramus nj

    Looking for Migraine Treatment in New Jersey?

    Living with migraines is practically unbearable. You don’t know when your next one will come on, and when it does, it is absolutely debilitating. You want to get your life back, so you’ve started ... Read More

  • Headache Specialist Near Me In Paramus NJ

    At The Migraine Center of New Jersey, we are dedicated to offering migraine relief and headache treatment in Paramus NJ, Oradell NJ, Fairlawn NJ, and surrounding areas of Bergen County NJ. Dr. ... Read More

  • Sleep Doctor Near Me

    Everyone has trouble sleeping occasionally. But if you deal with sleep problems on a regular basis, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder, and in need of visiting with a sleep doctor. Dr. ... Read More

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    Migraine Specialist Near Me

    Searching for a migraine specialist near me? Are you looking for a migraine specialist near Paramus NJ to assist with all of your family’s dental needs? Look no further then the Migraine ... Read More

  • Headache Relief in Paramus NJ

    When should you see a doctor for a headache?

    When should you see a doctor for a headache? Almost everyone has suffered a headache at some point in their lives. The experience can range from “it went away on its own” to “my head throbbed for ... Read More